Lijo David Thottan

XL Athletic Club: Conceptualized and founded by Olympian Lijo David Thottan way back in 2006. Over these 13 years with his passion and dedication it has blossomed into the prestigious XL Athletic Club which spreads confidence and fellowship in the town.

Know your leader and Chief Coach Lijo David Thottan:

Founder Lijo David Thottan is a former national 400m champion, a pride of Thrissur & Kerala. To mention few of his achievements in sports:

  • Participation in Sydney Olympics 2000.
  • 1998 Asian Games Silver medal 4x400m relay.
  • 1999 Asian Championship Silver medal in 4x400m relay.
  • 1999 SAF Games Bronze in 400m and Silver in 4x400m relay.
  • Participation in world Railway Athletic Championship, Poland.

His lllustrous international career has to end because of injuries. Not giving up, he decided to give back to his country through coaching. He was assistant national athletic coach to London Olympics team, and he continued to be the national coach of Railways team, and to his own town Thrissur, he gave XL Athletic Club.

Club Activities:

Main objective is creating and spreading awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyle among children, parents and so reaching the society as a whole!

Fitness club is unique, open ground gym with a holistic approach to fitness, scientifically programmed, state of art and customized training given under the guidance of chief coach. Workouts keep changing to break the monotony. HIIT, weight training, circuit training, endurance training etc. Some days will be more exciting with hill running. Zumba and Yoga training also given by experts. With the rejuvenating experience, all its clients have become enthusiastic members of the club.

Other Club Activities:

  1. XL Athletic Club takes immense pride in organizing the first All Kerala Kids Athletic Championship on 20 th October 2019. Over 1527 kids participated in the prestigious event where legend P.T Usha was the chief guest.
  2. Club is organizing Summer camps to promote athletics among kids.
  3. Club actively participates various Marathons to create awareness.
  4. Around 30 athlets are benefited by formal training each year.